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Anyone can make popcorn.
We make it munch better.

For too long, popcorn was plain, boring, uninspired. Popcorn, Indiana changed all that by introducing the world to all-natural, small-batch popcorn with crazy good flavors that make people happy. Because when it comes to healthy snacks, Popcorn, Indiana is way more fun and tastes way better than carrots.  

We created the "Munch Better Video Contest" to drive brand participation through user generated videos. And to give folks an idea of what we were looking for and to promote the contest we created a few videos of our own and drove millions of views for a modest investment.

Popcorn, Indiana – “Popcorn Surprise NYC”

Popcorn, Indiana — “Popcorn Suits in NYC”

Popcorn, Indiana – “Bikini Shakespeare, Macbeth”

When it came time to introduce ChipIns, the subscriber base we built on
YouTube got this shout out to moms.

Popcorn, Indiana/ChipIns – “Yo Moms”


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